Kickoff Party Tips Revealed

Current president, Max Oligario, and incoming president Grant Mehlich, of Tampa Bay Seminole Club, share with us tips and tricks of hosting a successful kickoff party.
Grant and max1What makes a great venue for a kickoff party and what are things to consider when choosing a kickoff party venue (e.g., budget, number of attendees, ambiance, audio/visual, etc.)?
: I would say the most important attributes for a great venue would be location, size of the venue and management. Location should always be considered because you need to ensure that it’s accessible to members and in an area they are willing to travel to. Consider if it’s in a popular part of town or if it is isolated where people will be forced to stay. The size of the venue is important because you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable. Further, you want to look at your selection for a venue from a long-term perspective and ensure that it has the ability to allow for growth of your kickoff party. Additionally, management is always my biggest factor when considering a venue. What are the values and goals of management and are they aligned with your clubs? Do they support Florida State University? Are they looking for a long-term relationship or to make a quick buck? What is the reputation of the location and management in your local area? All things to consider when determining the best venue for your kickoff party. Ideally the best venue will be well located, with sufficient room for your club now and in the future with a management team that is pro FSU and willing to work in building a long-term relationship. Continue reading

Foolproof Tactics to Receiving a Club Stipend


  1. Fill out the financial statement. For help, take a look at the financial statement example.
  2. Submit the financial statement with club president’s signature on attestation report. The attestation report can be found on last tab of the financial statement or downloaded here. Don’t forget to submit the club’s June 2016 bank statement.
  3. Make sure the club’s top four board members (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary) have signed the Volunteer Code of Ethics agreement. Submit the four agreements by scanning and emailing them to Dia Combas or fax to 850.644.8847. If a club leader submitted the agreement during the 2016 Leadership Conference, there is no need to submit the agreement again.
  4. Complete an executive summary of the past year.
  5. Submit the contact information and officer slate form.
  6. Listen in on the Wednesday, June 22 conference call for any financial/reporting document questions. Phone lines will be open at 12:30 p.m. or 5 p.m. EDT. Join us by dialing 888.670.3525 and entering the participant passcode 7985678769#.
  7. Complete all of the above by Friday, July 8.

For more information, visit the Resources for Club Leaders web page.

Help Welcome New Noles to the Seminole Family

seminole-send-off-club-15-eblast[12]Each summer, Seminole Clubs across the nation coordinate Seminole Send-Off parties for incoming students and their parents. Seminole Send-Offs are an opportunity for new Noles to meet current students and alumni to ask questions about life at FSU.

We encourage clubs and chapters to host these festive gatherings and celebrate with incoming students and their parents. Events range from barbecues, brunches, bowling, dessert socials, sporting events, to dinners or more formal receptions.

We recommend Seminole Send-Offs occur before June 25 (before incoming freshman start Summer Session C on June 27). However, Seminole Send-Offs can go through the month of August. For more information about send-offs, download the FSU Alumni Association’s 2016 Seminole Send-Off Guidelines, or contact your club staff coordinator. Continue reading

#Tally20 Halftime Roundup

We are all SO excited for Leadership Weekend and can’t wait to have everyone back here at FSU! To celebrate, we’ve come up with 20 reasons why you should come back to Tallytown! Hopefully you’ve been following along with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t, we’ve rounded-up the first half of #Tally20. Check ‘em out below.

AirHocky #1: Challenge your Seminole Club staff liaison to a game of air hockey at Fire Betty’s!

FInd your brick#2: Find your brick at Westcott Fountain! Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: 2016 Clubbie Nominations

breakingnewsThe FSU Alumni Association is excited to announce the finalists for the 2016 Clubbie Awards!

Best Seminole Send-Off — Out of State

  • Boston Seminole Club
  • Seminole Club of North Texas
  • Seminole Club of Baltimore

Best Seminole Send-Off — In State

  • Jacksonville Seminole Club
  • Seminole Club of Naples
  • Tampa Bay Seminole Club

Best Kick-Off Party — Out of State

  • Seminole Club of Greater Washington D.C.
  • Seminole Club of New York City
  • Triangle Seminole Club

Best Kick-Off Party — In State

  • Tampa Bay Seminole Club
  • Jacksonville Seminole Club
  • Miami Seminole Club

Continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Seminole Clubs Spring Leadership Weekend in Tallahassee at the Hotel Duval.…That’s right! FSU Leadership Weekend is back!

This year’s Leadership Weekend will be held from Thursday, April 21, through Saturday, April 23. The weekend will officially kick-off on Thursday evening with a welcome mixer at Fire Betty’s Arcade Bar. Friday will be a full day of conferencing at the FSU Alumni Center, followed by the 2016 FSU Clubbie Awards at Hotel Duval. The FSU Clubbie Awards ceremony is an exclusive event for Seminole Club and Chapter leaders, to honor our volunteers’ dedication and support of FSU, recognize our top Seminole Clubs and Chapters, and announce the winners of the Club of the Year awards. Saturday morning you are invited to attend the Circle of Gold ceremony.  Continue reading