ACC Championship Game Watching Party Update

Seminole Club and Chapter Leaders,

Below is a list of Seminole Clubs and Chapters who have informed us that their club will be hosting an ACC Championship game watching party (the number next to their name indicates the number of venues).

If your club/chapter is not on this list, our website does not indicate that you are hosting a game watching party for the ACC Championship Game. Please let us know as soon as possible if that is not accurate. You can take a look at our Game Watching Party website for more information.

Atlanta Seminole Club (1)
Seminole Club of North Texas (1)
Windy City Seminole Club (1)
Sarasota Seminole Club (2)
Las Vegas Seminole Club (1)
Seminole Club of Polk County (1)
South Carolina Midlands Seminole Club (1)
Los Angeles Seminole Club (2)
Honolulu Seminole Chapter (1)
Southwest Ohio Seminole Club (1)
Brevard Seminole Club (1)
Middle Tennessee Seminole Club (1)
Charlottesville Seminole Club (1)
Palm Beach County Seminole Club (1)
South Carolina Seminole Club- Upstate (1)
Portland Seminole Chapter (2)
Seminole Club of Naples (1)

If your club is not on this list and you would like us to include it on our Game Watching Party website, please email

Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend & GO NOLES!

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