Advocate for Florida State

Club leaders—This is an extremely important time and legislative session for Florida State University.  President Barron has announced a bold plan to bring FSU among the nation’s elite public universities.  But to make this happen, FSU needs you to make your voice heard with your legislators and state leaders.   Please stress the importance of signing up for Advocate for Florida State at your National Signing Day event and any/all club events and via any/all correspondence.   FYI opting in to Advocate for Florida State will not bombard you with emails.  It will keep you informed when there is important FSU news and legislative priorities, and will instruct you how to make your voice heard.  Here’s a link to details about the exciting FSU announcement:FSU’s Top 25 Plan!

And here’s a way to “sell” this to your club folks:

More than a quarter century ago FSU set a goal of becoming one of the elite football programs in the country.  We succeeded because alumni bought tickets, made donations and showed their spirit in countless ways.  Today, FSU is setting another goal—to leap into the rankings of Top 25 public institutions in America.  This past weekend, the Alumni Association National Board of Directors passed a resolution supporting President Eric Barron’s initiative.  Once again, it will take the support of our alumni.  We’re asking the FSU family to lend its voice to this worthy aspiration—perhaps the most significant initiative since we became a university more than 60 years ago.

The call to action is simple, sign up for Advocate for Florida State at

Please encourage anyone you know who loves Florida State University to sign up!


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