IMG_33293Vigil4Florida State students hold a vigil on Landis Green after the shooting in Strozier library.

Dear Seminole Family,

Today, we are reminded again that Florida State University is a special place. Indeed, it is the rarity of what occurred — albeit disbelief — that reminds us we are part of a caring, nurturing and uplifting institution that instills in its students and alumni a sense of family and home — and a culture of good. There is no answer for the question of “why” an alumnus returned to campus with wicked intent (though mental illness appears to be a factor), yet in the aftermath there are many instances of good in the midst of evil. From the quick response by emergency personnel and alert systems, to the pair of just-checked-out books that protected a student from the shooter’s first bullet, ours is a blessed community of Seminoles. I watched today as our campus came together to reflect and pray for innocent victims who remain hospitalized as our Seminole family unites in support of their recovery. Far from innocence being lost, what I witnessed was a distillation of the unconquered spirit that has become a way of life at FSU.

We are not defined by bad things that happen in our lives, but rather the good things produced by our response to adversity. In this regard, FSU is again showing its penchant of leading for the greater good. I ask that we lift up our collective prayer for the injured students so they may return to good health, for their families and friends and even those of the shooter, who no doubt have many questions, regrets and heartache.

In Seminole Spirit,





Scott Atwell
President and CEO
FSU Alumni Association

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