Away game events!

We wanted to alert our Seminole Clubs and fans to the Football Headquarters page All information regarding our away game events is posted here in addition to a number of other helpful resources. Please share the content about our away game events with your club participants!

The next away game is Boston College which will kick-off at 3:30pm on Saturday, September 28th. There is a pre-game party on Friday night from 6-8pm at the Bell in Hand. Attendance in free, cash bar available, and there will be a food menu to order from. We hope to see many of you there! As always, especially for our Seminole Clubs in driving distance to Tally, please promote attendance/ticket purchase to each of our home games. Crowd support is so vital to our team’s success, and we want you all to be a part of it. Season ticket packages are still available as are other smaller ticket packages:

Hope everyone’s game watches have been successful thus far, and as always…Go Noles!

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