Kickoff Party Tips Revealed

Current president, Max Oligario, and incoming president Grant Mehlich, of Tampa Bay Seminole Club, share with us tips and tricks of hosting a successful kickoff party.
Grant and max1What makes a great venue for a kickoff party and what are things to consider when choosing a kickoff party venue (e.g., budget, number of attendees, ambiance, audio/visual, etc.)?
: I would say the most important attributes for a great venue would be location, size of the venue and management. Location should always be considered because you need to ensure that it’s accessible to members and in an area they are willing to travel to. Consider if it’s in a popular part of town or if it is isolated where people will be forced to stay. The size of the venue is important because you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable. Further, you want to look at your selection for a venue from a long-term perspective and ensure that it has the ability to allow for growth of your kickoff party. Additionally, management is always my biggest factor when considering a venue. What are the values and goals of management and are they aligned with your clubs? Do they support Florida State University? Are they looking for a long-term relationship or to make a quick buck? What is the reputation of the location and management in your local area? All things to consider when determining the best venue for your kickoff party. Ideally the best venue will be well located, with sufficient room for your club now and in the future with a management team that is pro FSU and willing to work in building a long-term relationship. Continue reading


ClubsFootballTeam1Thank you to all the Seminole Clubs and Chapters who have submitted Kickoff and Game Watching Party marketing request forms. The FSU Alumni Association wants to help market your club/chapter’s fall events as much as we can, so please don’t forget to submit your forms.

If your Seminole Club or Chapter’s name is on the lists below, it mean we have received marketing request forms and have updated your club/chapter’s information on our Kickoff Party and Game Watching Party web pages, as well as scheduled for an eBlast to go out. Continue reading

Kickoff & Game Watching Parties (Remix Edition)

DJAimeeRemix edition from the previous post.

Don’t forget to turn in your Kickoff Party and Game Watching Party marketing request forms by Friday, July 17 to be included in the FSU Alumni Association’s marketing mix.

Once your club/chapter has submitted a Kickoff Party marketing request form we will add the information to our Kickoff Party web page and Calendar of Events, as well as schedule for a club/chapter specific eBlast to go out.

The FSU Alumni Association will also be sending out a “Stay Connected” eBlast on Thursday, July 23 to all alumni, linking the eBlast to our Kickoff Party web page. Kickoff Party information must be submitted by Friday, July 17 to ensure your club/chapter’s event information is up on our site. Continue reading

Kickoff & Game Watching Parties

Football-Season-is-Coming-Who’s excited for the 2015 Florida State football season?!

Kickoff parties are right around the corner and we ask that you start submitting your club or chapter’s event information by filling out our kickoff party marketing request form. If you would like to be included in the FSU Alumni Association’s marketing mix, the form must be submitted by Friday, July 17. Be sure to work with your Seminole Club staff member to let us know when you are thinking about hosting your Kickoff Party so that we can send the club a goodie box as well as begin to plan possible travel arrangements to attend.

Additionally, we ask that all Seminole Clubs and Chapters start submitting all game watching party forms. Once the form has been submitted, the FSU Alumni Association will update your club or chapter’s information on our Game Watching Party web page. Continue reading

That’s a Wrap – Leadership Weekend 2015!

ALC-Group6339-flat-12x7On behalf of Florida State University and the FSU Alumni Association, we want to thank you for attending Leadership Weekend 2015! We hope that you found the leadership conference informative and worthwhile. We also hope that you had a wonderful time socializing at the Welcome Mixer on Thursday and at the Clubbie Awards on Friday.

Your presence helped to make this weekend a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.  We wish you all the best and hope that you continue to keep up the fantastic work you are doing with your Seminole Clubs and Chapters. Continue reading

2014 Kickoff Parties

We hope you all are as excited as we are for the 2014 Florida State Football Season!

Most of you have turned in your club’s planning calendar and have indicated that your Seminole Club® will be hosting a Kickoff Party. With Kickoff Parties right around the corner, we ask that you please start submitting your club’s Kickoff party information if you are planning on having the FSU Alumni Association help promote the event. Continue reading

Kickoff Parties–set your date!

Hi all. Several quick things to pass along:

1) Set the date for your kickoff party and notify us of the date ASAP by filling out a marketing request at this link: . Your information must be in by June 28th to be included in our initial marketing efforts.

2) Phase 1 and Phase 2 clubs, remember that your end of year financials are due between July 1 and July 10. Reporting templates and information can be found here, under Reporting and Financial headers:

3) Many clubs did not transition officers in timely fashion this year. As you plan for next year, be sure to schedule your elections early enough to have your new board in place on June 1st, so they can take the reins on time on July 1st.

4) Save this date: FSU Alumni Association Kickoff Luncheon is August 23rd.

5) Save this date too: Seminole Boosters Plant the Spear party is August 28th.

July 1 Kickoff Party Deadline

Hi club leaders-

Monday, July 1st is the first deadline to submit your Kickoff Party event info using the e-marketing request form ( The events submitted by Monday, July 1 will be included on the first e-blast that will go out on Tuesday, July 9th. PLEASE do not submit incomplete info to try to get in by this deadline.

There will be a second e-blast scheduled to go out on Tuesday, July 23rd. Event info will need to be submitted by Monday, July 15th to be included on that blast. There will be additional e-blasts sent in August depending on event dates.

We are looking forward to hearing what you all have planned. Go Noles!