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Conference-CallLast time on the Real Conference Call for Seminole Club Leaders, we addressed:

  • Bowl game watching parties
  • Photo sharing
  • Collecting constituent data
  • Mid-year financials
  • Leadership turnover

Stay tuned for next week’s call on Thursday, Feb. 4, to discuss:

  • Seminole Service Day
  • Scholarships
  • 2016 Leadership Weekend
  • Open discussion

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Constituent Data

Here at FSU we are constantly trying to track and maintain accurate, up-to-date biographical information; such as mailing addresses, addressees and salutations, and email addresses.

Unfortunately, most of our constituents do not update their biographical information themselves and this can be very problematic for our Seminole Clubs®. For instance, FSU has no way of knowing when constituents change their email addresses. In this case, FSU would not be able to contact an individual and inform him or her of your Seminole Club’s® events. Continue reading