U.S. News & World Report Rankings

graduates2Dear Club Leaders,

The mission statement of our FSU Alumni Association reads:

Advancing our university’s greatness and enriching the lives of the Seminole family.

This year, the Association is pledging its resources to advance FSU’s greatness by helping with a branding project designed to influence high school guidance counselors, whose voting makes up 7% of the U.S. News & World report rankings.  As you know, FSU has an established goal of reaching the top 25 among public institutions.

In order to provide local context of the impact FSU has had on individual communities, we are compiling lists of prominent and successful alumni who came to FSU from your area or have relocated there since graduation.  We need your help! Continue reading


IMG_33293Vigil4Florida State students hold a vigil on Landis Green after the shooting in Strozier library.

Dear Seminole Family,

Today, we are reminded again that Florida State University is a special place. Indeed, it is the rarity of what occurred — albeit disbelief — that reminds us we are part of a caring, nurturing and uplifting institution that instills in its students and alumni a sense of family and home — and a culture of good. There is no answer for the question of “why” an alumnus returned to campus with wicked intent (though mental illness appears to be a factor), yet in the aftermath there are many instances of good in the midst of evil. From the quick response by emergency personnel and alert systems, to the pair of just-checked-out books that protected a student from the shooter’s first bullet, ours is a blessed community of Seminoles.  Continue reading