Conference Call Minutes ☠

MicahelPirate Michael McFaddenSeminole Clubs’ Captain of Financials

  1. Roll Call
    1. 12:30 p.m. Call:
      1. Seminole Club of North Texas, Manatee Seminole Club, Miami Seminole Club, Brevard Seminole Club, Seminole Club of New York City, Pinellas Seminole Club, Seminole Club of Greater Orlando, Seminole Boosters (Kristin Tubeck and Caroline Conway)
    2.  5 p.m. Call:
      1. Tampa Bay Seminole Club, Boston Seminole Club, Seminole Chapter of Lake-Sumter, Jacksonville Seminole Club, Panhandle Seminole Club, Seminole Club of Greater Washington, D.C., Nashville Seminole Club, Seattle Seminole Club
  2. Club Business
    1. Kickoff Parties: Due Wednesday, July 20
    2. Game Watching Party eBlast Dates: Due Monday, Aug. 1 (regular season)
      1. Round I—Going out on Wednesday, Aug. 31
      2. Round II—Going out on Monday, Oct. 3
      3. Round III—Going out on Monday, Nov. 7
    3. Reporting Documents: Due Friday, July 8. Forms can all be found on the Resources for Leaders web page or linked below.
      1. Executive Summary of past fiscal year
      2. Contact Information and Officer Slate
        1. If your Seminole Club’s address is a P.O. Box, please contact Dia Combas with a physical address to send kickoff boxes.
      3. Volunteer Code of Ethics
        1. Signed by top four board members (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary). Submit the four agreements by scanning and emailing to Dia Combas or fax to 850.644.8847.
        2. If submitted during Leadership Conference, there is no need to submit the agreement again.
    4. Financials: Due Friday, July 8 (hard deadline). More information can be found on the Resources for Leaders web page or linked below.
      1. Financial Statement—Template
      2. Financial Statement—Example
      3. Attestation Report
      4. Financial Statement—Document Submission
    5. QuickBooks Training Webinar:
      1. Register now
  3. New Business
  4. Next Conference Call—Wednesday, July 20
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