Constituent Data

Here at FSU we are constantly trying to track and maintain accurate, up-to-date biographical information; such as mailing addresses, addressees and salutations, and email addresses.

Unfortunately, most of our constituents do not update their biographical information themselves and this can be very problematic for our Seminole Clubs®. For instance, FSU has no way of knowing when constituents change their email addresses. In this case, FSU would not be able to contact an individual and inform him or her of your Seminole Club’s® events.

Additionally, FSU’s database sends out Seminole Club® eBlasts based on a constituent’s home address. If a constituent has moved and not updated his or her home address, the constituent will not be receiving an eBlast informing them about Seminole Club® events happening in their area.

With that being said, the only solution to this problem is if our Seminole Clubs® are continuously collecting constituent data and sending us this information.

Making sure your Seminole Club® collects constituent data is not as difficult as it sounds! Some easy ways to collect this information can be with sign-in sheets, online event registration forms and/or raffle cards.

Most of you have been doing a great job with this and we really appreciate it. We just wanted to remind everyone how imperative it is that you are continuously collecting this information and turning it in to us.

If you have not already submitted your club’s constituent data, please send an Excel spreadsheet to and by Tuesday, July 1.

Thanks everyone! & Happy weekend!

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