Leadership Conference–Follow up

Just a quick note to say thank you to those of you that were able to attend our annual Seminole Club Leadership Conference last week!  I say this every year–because it’s true–but this was our best one yet.  A big thank you goes to the Alumni Association and Seminole Clubs’ staff for all their hard work!  And to all the on campus entities that participated as well.Some of you have asked about the presentations from Leadership Conference.  They are all online and can be found here: http://one.fsu.edu/community/page.aspx?pid=3749 .  Scroll down to “2013 Leadership Conference Presentations”.

Remember that we will begin awarding “Club of the Year” honors again starting this fall–the 2013 “Clubbies” will be handed out on Friday afternoon November 1st.  Get that date on your calendar, it’s conveniently the day before the Miami home game so I know you will all be in town for the big weekend.

Lastly, if you attended the conference…please spread the word to other Seminole Club leaders about how valuable a tool it is for you–not to mention what a great time you had.

As always we welcome feedback, so feel free to send your 2 cents our way.

Go Noles!


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