Reminder: Submit 2014 Postseason GWP Information

Post SeasonBelow is a list of Seminole Clubs® and Chapters who have informed us (as of this morning) that their club will be hosting an ACC Championship game watching party (the number next to the name indicates the number of venues).

If your Seminole Club® or Chapter is not on the list below, we have not received a game watching party (GWP) marketing request form or email from you for the ACC Championship and/or postseason games. If you would like to be included in the marketing mix, please fill out the GWP marketing request form or email by today, Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 5 p.m. EDT.

  • Alamo Seminole Chapter (1)
  • Boston Seminole Club® (1)
  • Brevard Seminole Club® (1)
  • California Tri-County Seminole Chapter (1)
  • Charlottesville Seminole Chapter (1)
  • Cleveland Seminole Chapter (1)
  • Greater New Orleans Seminole Club® (1)
  • Las Vegas Seminole Club® (1)
  • Manatee Seminole Club® (1)
  • Martin County Seminole Club® (1)
  • Palm Beach County Seminole Club® (2)
  • Portland Seminole Chapter (1)
  • Richmond Seminole Club® (1)
  • San Diego Seminole Club® (3)
  • Seattle Seminole Chapter (1)
  • Seminole Club® of Baltimore (1)
  • Seminole Club® of Naples (1)
  • Seminole Club® of North Texas (4)
  • Seminole Club® of the Rockies (1)
  • Seminole Club® of Volusia and Flagler Counties(1)
  • Southwest Ohio Seminole Club® (1)
  • Tampa Bay Seminole Club® (4)
  • Windy City Seminole Club® (1)

We are very sorry for the tight deadline, but with recent news of the Atlantic Division title and the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, we want to ensure that we have all the correct and up-to-date information for Seminole Club® and Chapter GWPs.

Thank you all for understanding! Go Noles!

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