Seminole Send-Offs

sendoffheader14Each summer, Seminoles Clubs® and Chapters across the nation host send-off parties to welcome incoming FSU students to the Seminole Family. Seminole Send-Offs help connect new students, their families and friends to local alumni, Seminole Clubs® and Chapters. Traditionally, Seminole Send-Offs are held at the end of May through the beginning of August.

In an effort to make Seminole Send-Offs as successful as possible, the FSU Alumni Association is working on a new communication plan which includes a mass mailing to the parents of FSU bound students. The postcard will be dropped in the mail the week of May 4th.

While the postcard will not include specific club and chapter send-off information, it will inform the parents that Seminole Send-Offs are happening in their area throughout the months of May-August. The postcard will also include a link directing the parents to our website to find further information about Seminole Send-Offs in their area.

While we understand some send-offs happen later in the summer and that the planning process may not have begun, we ask that by SUNDAY, APRIL 26, to please provide the FSU Alumni Association basic details such as a date, location and time. We would like to have this placeholder information up on our Seminole Send-Off webpage by May 1, so that when Send-Off postcards hit the mail, parents are able to plan accordingly.

If you are interested in hosting a Seminole Send-Off, please email us by SUNDAY, APRIL 26, with the date, location and time included.

YOU DO NOT have to complete the Seminole Send-Off marketing request form until you have all details finalized.

We will still be sending out individual club and chapter eBlasts when marketing request forms have been completed.

Otherwise, please help us in our efforts to make send-offs as well attended as possible, by letting us know the basic information by SUNDAY, APRIL 26.

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