Seminole Service Day 2016

seminole-service-day-club-15-eblast[12]There’s nothing wrong with getting your hands a little dirty every once in a while! By planning hands-on community service projects you are able to give back to your community in a meaningful way and make a significant impact on the people you serve.

Seminole Service Day projects are a great way to get non-club members involved with your club. Members can invite friends and family for extra hands. Your club can ask local retailers to donate supplies, such as paint, hardware and tools. This helps to promote local business and promote your local Seminole Club®—while making a difference in the community.

We hope that you have begun planning meaningful service day projects and are getting excited to gather with fellow Seminoles to give the greatest gift of all—your time.

This year’s Seminole Service Day is on Saturday, March 19. Service day is a requirement for all Seminole Clubs®, but we strongly encourage our Seminole Chapters to participate. As a reminder from the Dec. 3 conference call, all projects must be submitted by Wednesday, Feb. 17. The first three clubs or chapters that submit a completed project form will be awarded $50 to the FSU Bookstore.

Please review our 2016 Seminole Service Day Guide for more information.

Make sure to completed a press release to let local news and radio outlets know about Seminole Service Day in your community. View a sample press release now.

After Seminole Service Day, be sure to follow-up with the FSU Alumni Association by filling out a final report about your service project. The follow-up report is due to us by Thursday, March 31.

Not sure what your club or chapter’s Seminole Service Day project should be? Take a look below at some of last year’s projects.


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