#Tally20 Halftime Roundup

We are all SO excited for Leadership Weekend and can’t wait to have everyone back here at FSU! To celebrate, we’ve come up with 20 reasons why you should come back to Tallytown! Hopefully you’ve been following along with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t, we’ve rounded-up the first half of #Tally20. Check ‘em out below.

AirHocky #1: Challenge your Seminole Club staff liaison to a game of air hockey at Fire Betty’s!

FInd your brick#2: Find your brick at Westcott Fountain!

publix1#3: Enjoy a sub at club pub! And don’t forget the chocolate chip cookies!

FSUBookstore#4: Get some new Seminole gear at the FSU Bookstore

OldStompingGrounds#5: Visit your old stomping grounds

LateNightMunchies1#6: Enjoy your favorite late night munchies

Tom Block#7: Get the FSU inside scoop from the one and only, Tom Block!

CraftBeer#8: Sample local craft beers at Tallahassee’s new breweries – GrassLands Brewing Company & Proof Brewing Company

Lucky Goat#9: Enjoy the taste of liquid gold at Lucky Goat Coffee

gordos#10: Indulge in Gordos Cuban Restaurant’s yummy secret sauce

Stayed tuned for next 10 #Tally20 on Seminole Clubs’ Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Register for this year’s Leadership Weekend!

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